Post-doctoral affiliates (also known as post-doctoral fellows) are eligible to enroll in the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP) as long as they have a current appointment, are not eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance, and were recently awarded a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate in an appropriate field.

If post-doctoral affiliates are eligible to purchase insurance through the University’s Benefits Office in Harvard Human Resources, they do not qualify to purchase this plan.

Eligible Dependents

  • Spouse
  • Qualified same-sex partnership
  • Unmarried dependent children (up to age 19)

Dependents are eligible for enrollment in HUSHP when the Post-Doc affiliate is participating in both parts of HUSHP.  

Open Enrollment Deadlines

Renewal is not automatic. Affiliates and their dependents (other than newborns or others with a life changing event) must be enrolled by the following deadlines or penalty fees will apply:

  • September 30 for the fall term
  • February 28 for the spring term