Eligible Dependents

  • Spouse
  • Qualified same-sex partnership
  • Unmarried dependent children (up to age 19)

Open Enrollment Periods/Deadlines

Renewal is not automatic. Dependents (other than those with a life changing event) must be enrolled by the following deadlines or penalty fees will apply:

  • September 30 for fall term (applications accepted starting June 1)
  • February 28 for spring term (applications accepted starting December 1)

Insurance is sold in fixed terms of six months of coverage (August 1-January 31 and February 1-July 31), unless there is a life changing event.

Life Changing Events

Dependents may be added outside of the open enrollment period due to a life changing event. Once approved, the coverage and cost will be pro-rated to the day of the event. Documentation must be submitted to HUSHP confirming one of the events listed below:

  • A dependent’s entry into the country
  • Other health insurance coverage ending
  • Marriage or qualified same-sex partnership
  • Birth of a child,* legal adoption, or legal guardianship

In cases of life changing events, the student has 45 days from the day of the event to enroll the dependent or penalty fees will apply.

*If you are enrolling a newborn, we recommend that the effective date of coverage should be the child's date of birth to avoid costly medical bills. This plan does not cover services rendered prior to the beginning date of the health insurance coverage.


Payment is by student bill only.