The benefit materials, policies, and applications available on this website are currently reflective of the AY2022 plan year. We are working expeditiously to have the AY2023 information updated as soon as possible.
For now, students can view a list of AY2023 changes.

Academic Year 2022-2023 Plan Changes

We have returned to our pre-COVID policies and procedures. In the event that there is a sudden unexpected shift in the dynamics related to on-campus studies, HUSHP may make adjustments to the plan. An email communication would be distributed to notify students of any changes. Please visit the CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19): HEALTH INSURANCE FAQs page for updates regarding temporary measures HUSHP has taken in regards to COVID-19.

Please be advised to always check your plan benefits at the start of each term prior to having services, and/or contact us for assistance. 

Student Health Insurance Plan Medical Benefits
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA - PPO

Category AY2022 (8/1/2021-7/31/2022) AY2023 (8/1/2022-7/31/2023)
Acupuncture  Not covered.
  • 12 visit limit (combined in and out-of-network). Visits must be with a licensed acupuncturist. 
  • $35 copayment. If you do not use a contracted BCBSMA PPO provider, you will be required to pay up-front for the services and file for reimbursement. You will be reimbursed at the provider charges minus the $35 copayment. 

Student Health Insurance Plan Pharmacy Benefit

Category AY2022 (8/1/2021-7/31/2022) AY2023 (8/1/2022-7/31/2023)
Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Express Scripts
  • Express Scripts 8/1/2022 – 12/31/2022
  • Beginning 1/1/2023, CVS Caremark will support Blue Cross of MA in managing PBM services for its health plans. As pharmacy benefits are coordinated with Blue Cross of MA for SHIP members, this means CVS Caremark will be the SHIP PBM effective 1/1/2023. More details about this change will be communicated to our members over the coming months.

Dental Plan

Category AY2022 (8/1/2021-7/31/2022) AY2023 (8/1/2022-7/31/2023)

Full Year Coverage: August 1 - July 31
Enrollment Deadline: September 30

One plan offered:

  • Comprehensive plan: $528.00

Two plans offered:

  • Preventive plan: $290.00 per plan year
  • Comprehensive plan: $528.00 per plan year

Learn more about the dental plans