Your graduation date will determine when your HUSHP coverage ends. It may take several weeks to complete the enrollment process for new coverage, so begin your search early.

November Degree Graduates March Graduates May Graduates
The end date of your coverage depends upon the day you complete your degree requirements. Coverage ends on January 31. Coverage ends on July 31.

Take Action

  • Update your mailing address to ensure you receive important information from Blue Cross Blue Shield to obtain other insurance coverage
  • Secure other health insurance coverage early to avoid having a break in coverage
  • Transfer medical records if needed
  • Fill eligible prescriptions before you leave 

Need to Fill Prescriptions

You can fill most prescriptions at any Express Scripts participating pharmacy throughout the United States. Your copayment(s) or drug benefits do not change.

Note: The Student Health Insurance Plan will not cover the cost of prescriptions beyond your plan end date.

If you are traveling abroad, you may request an override prior to your departure; however, the plan will not approve an override to cover prescriptions beyond the plan termination date. The request will only be processed if you are eligible for a refill prior to your plan termination date. 

Learn more about filling prescriptions

Your Medical Records

If you received services at Harvard University Health Services and need a copy of your medical records, please contact Harvard University Health Services Health Information Services/Medical Records at (617) 495-2055 or

Eligibility to be Seen at Harvard University Health Services

You can continue to be seen at the Harvard University Health Services Clinic for up to 60 days after your coverage ends. You will be fully responsible for all costs incurred after your termination date, even if you schedule the appointment while you were covered. Please contact the Harvard University Health Services Registration Department at (617) 495-5795 with additional questions. 

Ask the Right Questions

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