Members have the option of choosing a Mount Auburn Hospital OB/GYN provider on-site at Harvard University Health Services (Smith Campus Center location) or another convenient location.  For the lowest out-of-pocket costs, it is suggested that you select an in-network provider that is affiliated with a lower cost sharing hospital.

Need help finding a provider that is affiliated with a the lower cost sharing hospital? 

In Massachusetts:

  • Harvard University Health Services (HUHS)Mount Auburn Hospital OB/GYN. Providers at HUHS participate in the lowest cost sharing hospitals assuring that you will have the lowest out-of-pocket cost.
  • Outside of HUHS – Search for an OB/GYN provider at and select “PPO network with Hospital Choice Cost Sharing” as your plan’s network for services. A list of providers will be generated. To see if the OBGYN is affiliated with a lower cost sharing hospital, click on their “Hospital Affiliation” details. Each hospital will be marked as either “lower cost share” or “higher cost share.”

Outside of Massachusetts: