The benefit materials, policies, and applications available on this website are currently reflective of the AY2022 plan year. We are working expeditiously to have the AY2023 information updated as soon as possible.
For now, students can view a list of AY2023 changes.

We now offer the option for Students on a leave of absence and Post-Doc Affiliates to pay for their Harvard University Student Health Program medical insurance securely online. All registered students have the medical and dental charges applied to their student bill for themselves and their dependents and do not need to use online bill pay.  

Extension School Students are charged directly by the Harvard Extension School and should not use this site to pay for medical or dental coverage. 

Students on a Leave of Absence

Students who are taking an official leave of absence or withdrawing from the University can pay for their leave coverage and any eligible dependents through online bill pay.

Post-Doctoral Affiliates

Affiliates who are eligible for HUSHP enrollment can pay their medical insurance coverage through online bill pay.

Paying for Coverage – Online Bill Pay

  1. Payments can be made by electronic check or by credit card (MasterCard or Visa)
  2. Payments are due in the full amount indicated on the enrollment application
  3. If paying by check, be sure to have your check routing number and account number ready 

Next Steps

Allow 5-7 business days from the date you submit your application and online payment for our office to process your enrollment request. An email will be sent to you to confirm your coverage enrollment dates.

Should you have any questions about the amount you need to pay, or need assistance submitting your payment through the portal, contact our office by phone at (617) 495-2008 or by email at