Student Health Fee

The Student Health Fee covers mental health visits at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS). There is no visit limit at HUHS; the number of visits is based on medical necessity as determined by the provider. 

CAMHS Resources

Getting Started at CAMHS

CAMHS Workshops & Groups Event Calendar

Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) offers a wonderful array of virtual programs for students to promote mental wellbeing this semester.

CAMHS Cares Line

At all times, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, students can follow the prompts to speak directly with a CAMHS Cares Counselor about an urgent concern or if they just need to talk to someone about a difficult challenge or mental health issue.

Student Health Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan covers mental health inpatient and outpatient services outside of Harvard University Health Services (HUHS).

Students who waive the Student Health Insurance Plan portion are eligible to be seen at HUHS under the Student Health Fee but are responsible for the cost of mental health care outside of HUHS.

Services* Student Health Fee
(Care at HUHS)
Student Health Insurance Plan
Outpatient Mental Health Office and Psychopharmacology Visits As medically necessary

52 visits per plan year
(Combined in and out-of-network)

For information on your out-of-pocket costs, view the Summary of Benefits and/or the Student Handbook 

Inpatient Admission to a General Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, or Substance Use Facility N/A

As medically necessary

For information on your out-of-pocket costs, view the Summary of Benefits and/or the Student Handbook


Where to Find a Mental Health Provider

  • HUHS Counseling and Mental Health Services 

Provides assessment, treatment, education, and consultation to support the well-being and functioning of Harvard students. To schedule an appointment call (617) 495-2042 or visit HUHS Counseling and Mental Health Services for more information.

CAMHS Community Referral Help
CAHMS also provides a list of resources and tools that can help with searching for an off-campus provider

  • Search Online

Find a Behavioral Health Provider at a location near you on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website (Select the PPO/EPO Network).

  • Contact BCBS by phone

Call Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) at (877) 566-2583. The representatives answering these calls are trained to help you find the right provider based on your concerns and the location where you wish to receive care.