The benefit materials, policies, and applications available on this website are currently reflective of the AY2022 plan year. We are working expeditiously to have the AY2023 information updated as soon as possible.
For now, students can view a list of AY2023 changes.

It may take several weeks to complete the enrollment process for new coverage, so make sure to begin your search for other health insurance coverage early.

A certificate of coverage may be required when enrolling in another health insurance plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will mail you a certificate of coverage letter as proof that you were enrolled in health insurance when enrolling in another insurance plan.


1. If you plan to stay in Massachusetts

Consider enrollment through the Massachusetts Health Connector

The Health Connector offers health and dental plans from leading insurers in Massachusetts. You may qualify for MassHealth, tax credits to help pay premium costs, or other affordable Connector Plans. 

2. If you plan to live outside of Massachusetts

Explore your options through

This U.S. Department of Health & Human Services site provides information on health insurance options by state; not all states have comprehensive health plans available without restrictions to new members.

3. Other Options

Research enrollment options through a family member. Your termination on the Student Health Insurance Plan may make you eligible to be added as a dependent of a spouse/partner’s or parent’s health plan. 

Taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawing

The official date recorded by your school Registrar of your status change will impact your coverage and options. Learn more about coverage.   


Finding the right health plan is an important decision.

The Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC) offers assistance with finding and applying for health insurance. Contact them directly or visit the CEOC website for more information. 

  Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee
  Massachusetts certified Health Care Navigator
  11 Inman Street
  Cambridge, MA 02139