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How to enroll a Post-doc Affiliate/United States tax resident for tax purposes in HUSHP

A post-doc’s insurance coverage is not active until full payment is received. Affiliates who are eligible for Harvard University employee benefits are not eligible to enroll in the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP). To confirm eligibility, call the Harvard University Human Resources Benefits Office  at (617) 496-4001. 

If you have questions regarding the affiliate’s tax status, contact the Harvard University Financial Services at (617) 495-8500 (option 5).

Step 1: Determine status

Is the affiliate a United States tax resident for tax purposes (i.e. United States citizen/resident alien)?

Step 2: Determine if the cost of plan should be pro-rated

Is the hire date or life-changing event on or after September 1 for the fall term, or March 1 for the spring term?

  • If yes, the cost must be prorated (see rate chart)
  • If no, the cost is not prorated

Step 3: Determine the cost

Calculate the total amount due to HUHS

Step 4: Affiliate vendor record

Create HUHS as an additional "remit to" site under the affiliate's vendor record

Step 5: Payment request form

Make the payment request form out to the affiliate or HUHS. The supplier address is always HUHS, 75 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Step 6: Submit the application to Member Services

Send the completed enrollment application to Member Services

Step 7: Submit copies to Accounts Payable

A post-doc’s insurance coverage is not active until full payment is received. 
Send a copy of the payment request and a copy of the completed enrollment form, which includes the payment request number clearly visible on the enrollment form or invoice, to:

Accounts Payable (mail)
1033 Massachusetts Avenue, Second Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

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