Massachusetts law requires that any full-time or part-time student enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts participate in a qualifying student health insurance program or in a health plan of comparable coverage, even if they are learning remotely. All Harvard students are automatically enrolled in the Harvard University Student Health Program and charges are applied to the student account. The Student Health Insurance Plan provides a critical safety net to ensure that all students, regardless of location, have access to quality and affordable healthcare. The student will need to decide by the deadline whether to keep or waive the Student Health Insurance Plan with comparable coverage.

Dates of Coverage Waiver Deadline Late Waiver Deadline*
Fall: August 1 – January 31  July 31 August 1 – September 30*
Spring: February 1 – July 31 January 31 February 1 – March 31*

*Late fee applies

Waiver Eligibility and Application

Students enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan may be eligible to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. Waivers of the Student Health Fee may be accepted in very limited cases. 

Waiver Checklist

Before waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan, use this resource to carefully evaluate whether your existing plan will provide adequate, comprehensive coverage in the area in which you are located. 

Late Waivers

Waiver applications are accepted following the waiver deadline but are subject to late fees. 

Waiver Rescind

Find out if you are eligible to re-enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan and/or Student Health Fee if you previously made the decision to waive.