Graduating Students

Your graduation date will determine when your HUSHP coverage ends. It may take several weeks to complete the enrollment process for new coverage, so begin your search early.

  • May graduates: Your HUSHP coverage will end on July 31.
  • November graduates: Your HUSHP coverage will end depending upon the day you complete your degree requirements. (Learn more)
  • March graduates: Your HUSHP coverage will end on January 31.

Does HUSHP offer a COBRA plan? 
There is no extension of coverage/COBRA through HUSHP. If you do not have the option to enroll in health insurance through a relative or employer, review the information below for additional options.

Required documentation when applying for new coverage
You may need a “Certificate of Health Plan Coverage,” which will be mailed to you if you are enrolled in the Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan. You will receive two letters from BCBS:

  • The first letter will arrive before your insurance end date and is a reminder that your insurance will be ending soon.
  • The second letter is the “Certificate of Health Plan Coverage,” which will be mailed after your insurance end date. This certificate is proof of your prior insurance coverage. You may need this document when applying for coverage with a new health plan. Contact BCBS at 800-257-8141 if you do not receive this document.

If you are going to apply for other coverage prior to the end date of the Student Health Insurance Plan, Member Services can provide you a coverage letter, which will facilitate your enrollment.

Ask the Right Questions
When pursuing other insurance options, it is important to be an informed consumer. (Learn more)

Don't sleep on your health insurance.  Act now.
Don't sleep on your health insurance.  Act now.

In Massachusetts
Massachusetts Health Connector

The Connector offers Massachusetts individuals and families a wide range of health insurance options that are available without any pre-existing condition restrictions; however, time limits apply for securing coverage following the end of your Harvard student plan insurance.

Outside of Massachusetts

This U.S. Department of Health & Human Services site provides information on health insurance options by state; not all states have comprehensive health plans available without restrictions to new members. If you plan to move outside of Massachusetts, review the information on this website now, and plan accordingly based on your health care needs.

Please note that some states do not offer plans that cover pre-existing conditions like diabetes or pregnancy, so it is very important to plan ahead.