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It's flu season and we have you covered!

Your Harvard University Student Health Program provides coverage for the flu vaccine. Here’s where and how you can get your shot covered:

Harvard University shield



Appointments to receive a flu shot at HUHS can be made by calling (617) 495-8414 or (617) 495-2001.

Note: Flu shots at HUHS are still covered for Students who have the Student Health Fee and waived the Student Health Insurance Plan.

At a Rite Aid or Walgreens Pharmacy – NO COST*

Outside of Harvard University Health Services, you can only receive a flu shot at a participating retail pharmacy. While CVS pharmacies are included in coverage, CVS locations with Minute Clinics are not. If a vaccine is administered at a Minute Clinic location, this will not be covered, and the member will be responsible for payment. Therefore, we recommend that a student uses a Rite Aid or Walgreens Pharmacy.

  • Immunizations, including the flu shot, are not covered by your medical insurance.
  • Immunizations received at CVS Minute Clinics are not covered.  
  • Routine check-ups** are covered only if provided by HUHS.

*Some pharmacies may charge an administration fee for the vaccine. 
**Routine check-ups are annual visits, with a primary care physician, performed to assess your general health.

Note: If you waived the Student Health Insurance Plan and need to have a flu shot outside of HUHS, please contact your private insurance plan to confirm your coverage. 

GET HELP! If you have questions about your flu shot coverage, please contact us. We'd be happy to answer your questions. 

    (617) 495-2008