We understand medical care costs can be challenging and you may want to explore options for financial assistance. We do encourage members to become familiar with their health plan to avoid any unexpected costs while administering care. Funding assistance programs and the eligibility criteria within are subject to change.  

Members may apply to the funding assistance options below. Members may include students (actively enrolled and those on leave), affiliates, and enrolled dependents. *Please note, these funding assistance programs cannot address the cost of insurance plan premiums.    

Submission instructions will be listed within the application itself. If you have any further questions about funding assistance options or the application process, you can reach the Patient Advocate at Harvard University Health Services by calling (617) 495-7583 or emailing  

Medical Hardship Fund

To be eligible to apply for this assistance you must:

  • be eligible and enrolled in both components of the Harvard University Student Health Program (the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan)
  • have your care coordinated by a Harvard University Health Services clinician when possible. 
  • be able to indicate financial hardship. 

The Fund may be available to use towards:​

  • the allowable cost of diagnostic/specialist visits beyond the twelve-visit limit for medically necessary care not available at Harvard University Health Services (e.g., cardiology, oncology, liver, and kidney disease). The specialist must be an “in-network” provider.
  • an inpatient admission or outpatient surgery when performed in a higher cost-share hospital, but only when the service received at the higher cost-share hospital was non-elective and coordinated by a Harvard University Health Services clinician when possible. In this case, a portion of the copay differential between the higher and lower cost share hospitals may be covered.

The maximum amount available is $5,000 per academic year. Click here to download an application for the Medical Hardship Fund! Submission information is provided on the application.