Dependents are eligible to enroll only when the student is covered by both the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan. 

  • Dependents can enroll during open enrollment or with a life changing event.  You must submit an online application each term or plan year.
  • Applications received after the enrollment deadlines without a life changing event will be charged a late fee in addition to the cost of the insurance. 
Fixed Terms of Coverage and Open Enrollment
Coverage Period Enrollment Period and Deadline
Fall term: August 1 – January 31 July 1 – August 31
Spring term: February 1 – July 31 January 1 – February 28


Eligible Dependents

  • Married spouse
  • Dependent children (Children must be under the age of 26. Married children and the dependents of a child can enroll in coverage under the enrolled student’s membership.)  

Required documents

Documentation is required for each family member enrolled in the student’s plan.

  • Married Spouse: marriage certificate or I20 form for international students
  • Dependent children: Birth certificate or statement of birth from hospital (for newborns), legal documentation of adoption or guardianship, or DS-2019 form for international students

Documents must have the student name and the name of the dependent that is being added to the insurance. 

Documents that are not in English must be officially translated and are only required for initial enrollment and not necessary when you renew dependents for subsequent terms. 

Life Changing Events

You may add dependents to your plan within 45 days of a life changing eventThe coverage and the cost will be pro-rated to the day of the event. Students that fail to submit appropriate documentation to support the life changing event will be charged a late fee.

  • Entry into the country: A copy of the dependent’s passport, which includes the date stamp for when the dependent arrived into the United States
  • Loss of other health insurance coverage:  Copy of insurance termination of coverage letter
  • Marriage: Marriage certificate or I20 form for international students
  • Birth of a child, legal adoption, or legal guardianship*:  Birth certificate or statement of birth from hospital (for newborns), legal documentation of adoption or guardianship, or DS-2019 form for international students

    * When enrolling a child dependent due to a life- changing event we recommend that the effective date of coverage is the actual date of the event, (e.g. date of birth, date of adoption, or legal guardianship). This plan does not cover services provided before the first date of coverage.

Example: Your spouse lost her private insurance and you want to add her to your plan after the open enrollment period. You must provide the following within 45 days of the event:  Documentation from her insurance company supporting that she has lost coverage AND a copy of your marriage certificate. See “Required Documents” for more information.

Rates and Payment

Dependent rates exclude the student charges. Dependents must purchase both the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan. These rates reflect the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan. Purchasing just one part of the medical coverage is not an option. View rates

Please note: Once the term starts, coverage cannot be cancelled. Charges are applied to your student bill.

Late Fees 

You may enroll dependents after the open enrollment period or after the 45 days allowed due to a life-changing event, but restrictions and late fees apply. We do not pay claims prior to the coverage effective date.

Late fees are applied for each month after the enrollment deadline or the date that the life changing event occurred. These fees are in addition to the prorated dependent premium, and the increase is effective on the first of each month. 

Additional fees
Spouse $200 per month
First and second child $125 per child, per month
  • Coverage is effective as of the date Member Services receives the completed enrollment form, and the premium will be prorated.
  • HUSHP does not pay claims prior to the coverage effective date.
  • All dependent enrollment rules still apply.


The fall enrollment deadline for dependents is August 31. On October 3, a student realizes that he forgot to enroll his spouse and then submits an enrollment form to Member Services. The student is charged a prorated premium, and a $400 penalty fee ($200 for September, and $200 for October). Claims prior to October 3 will not be paid by HUSHP, therefore these claims are the responsibility of the dependent.


At the time of enrollment

  • Documents can be uploaded through the enrollment portal. 
  • Accepted file types include: .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, and .png). Do not add special characters to the file name, you will not be able to upload your file.
  • Scan and rename scanned documents before you start the online application. 
  • When enrolling more than one dependent with multiple documents, upload the documents for each dependent separately. Do not submit documents prior to completing the online enrollment.

Apple’s High-Efficiency Image Coding File format (HEIC) is currently NOT supported in the Student Insurance Portal. To avoid processing delays, do not upload HEIC files.

65+ years of age

Are you or a dependent at least 65 years of age or about to turn 65?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts requires all members who are at least 65 years of age (or approaching age 65) to complete a Medicare certification form and return it to HUSHP Member Services. Failure to submit this form results in a hold on your insurance coverage, and your claims are not paid.

The Medicare certification form can be mailed, emailed, faxed or delivered to:

HUSHP Member Services
75 Mt. Auburn Street, First Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138