Depending on the type of coverage your other insurance provides, you may not be adequately covered in the area in which you are located. The HUSHP Waiver Checklist is designed to help you make an informed decision about waiving the Harvard University Student Health Insurance Plan. It is your responsibility to review the benefits of your other insurance plan and determine whether that coverage meets the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Plan regulations. We do not review plan details or policies to determine if your plan is comparable.

Review the HUSHP Waiver Checklist with your other insurance plan and ask about any specific limitations/exclusions you should be aware of while you are studying in Massachusetts or traveling.

Contact the Customer Service department of your insurance plan for benefits questions and be sure to review the "exclusions section" of your benefit description for more details.

If you waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, you are not covered for any medical services normally covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan for the terms in which you elect to waive, and you can only re-enroll during open enrollment periods or with a qualifying life changing event.