Student Health Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan consists of hospital/specialty care coverage administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, and prescription drug coverage from Express Scripts. Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

Ambulatory Surgery


Diagnostic Lab/Radiology Services

Maternity Care

Emergency Room Visits

Mental Health Care Outside HUHS (limited)


Specialty Care Outside HUHS (limited)


In-Network vs. Out-of-Network
In most cases, you receive the highest level of benefits when you choose a preferred provider in the Blue Care Elect/PPO network. These are called your “in-network” benefits.

You can also choose non-preferred providers, but your out-of-pocket costs are higher. These are called “out-of-network” benefits. For most out-of-network services, you must first pay a plan-year deductible; you will then need to pay a coinsurance once the deductible is met. Your out-of-network provider may bill you the difference between his or her charge for services and the amount that BCBS pays for those services. This is referred to as balance billing.

In Massachusetts, payments to non-preferred providers are based on the “allowed/usual and customary” charge. This means that after you pay your deductible and coinsurance, you may still be responsible for any difference between the allowed/usual and customary charge and the provider’s actual charge. For service outside of Massachusetts, however, payments to non-preferred providers are based on the actual charge, and you will be responsible for only your deductible and coinsurance.

To find a preferred provider visit Blue Cross Blue Shield (select Blue Care Elect PPO/EPO as your plan's network) or contact HUSHP Member Services at or 617-495-2008 for assistance. To locate a preferred provider out of state, please call Blue Card World Wide at 800-810-2583.

Primary vs. Secondary Insurance
If you are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan and another health insurance carrier, the Student Health Insurance Plan will always be considered a secondary payer. This means that all claims will first go through your other insurance, and then will be processed by the Student Health Insurance Plan. In order to avoid any claims problems, it is important to notify your providers of both plans. Please contact BCBS Coordination of Benefits at 888-799-1888 for more information.      

Prescription Drug Coverage
The Student Health Insurance Plan’s prescription drug coverage is administered by Express Scripts. Prescription drugs may be obtained on campus at the HUHS Pharmacy or at most retail pharmacies. For copay/coinsurance information, please review the Express Scripts Prescription Drug Plan Summary.