Waiving Health Insurance Coverage

Term Deadline
August 1 – January 31 (Fall) July 31
February 1 – July 31 (Spring) January 31
By waiving, coverage will retroactively terminate back to the first day of the plan term (i.e., 8/1 or 2/1).

Massachusetts law requires that any full-time or part-time student enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts participate in a qualifying student health insurance program or in a health plan of comparable coverage. All Harvard students are automatically enrolled in the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP) and charges are applied to their student bill.

Waiver Eligibility and Application
Students enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan may be eligible to waive the Student Heath Insurance Plan. Waivers of the Student Health Fee may be accepted in very limited cases. (Learn more)

Waiver Checklist
Before waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan, carefully evaluate whether your existing plan will provide adequate, comprehensive coverage in the Boston area. (Learn more)

Late Waivers
Waiver applications will be accepted for two months following the waiver deadline, but will be subject to late fees. (Learn more)