Updated 4/08/2022

We continue to be committed to making sure you receive the care you need during the pandemic. Please review our FAQs below. This list is not all-inclusive and will be updated as the situation evolves.

The Student Health Insurance Plan is adopting all (if any) temporary emergency measures put into place by Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) to address the COVID-19 outbreak. Students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan can access the BCBSMA Coronavirus page for additional information and resources. 

If you waived the Student Health Insurance Plan and have questions about your coverage, please contact your waived insurance plan for information. 


Effective January 15, 2022, we are now covering the costs of FDA-authorized, rapid, at-home COVID tests for our members for the duration of the federal public health emergency. 

In line with the guidance, we will cover up to eight self-administered at-home COVID tests per member per month for personal, diagnostic use, without cost-share, and without any need for prior clinical assessment. Tests purchased in a multi-pack count as multiple tests. The coverage is not retroactive and will not apply to any test kit purchases made prior to January 15, 2022.   

Blue Cross Blue Shield Pharmacy Benefits 

You can now get FDA-authorized, at-home COVID-19 tests at no cost when you purchase them at an in-network pharmacy or order them through the Mail Order Pharmacy. You also have the option to get reimbursed for tests that you’ve paid for at another retailer or out-of-network pharmacy. You and your enrolled dependents can receive coverage for up to eight at-home FDA-approved COVID test kits each per 30-day period through your Student Health Insurance Plan pharmacy benefit. Early refills/reimbursements will not be covered. A full 30-day period must have elapsed before a member is eligible for additional test kits. 


  1. Retail Pharmacy

​You can purchase the tests at any in-network pharmacy, show your Blue Cross Blue Shield ID card when you check out at the pharmacy counter (not the regular checkout lane), and the tests should ring up at no cost to you. 

Find an In-Network Pharmacy

To purchase COVID-19 tests at an in-network pharmacy, members need to choose from the tests below, and show their member ID card at the pharmacy counter when checking out:

  • InteliSwab™ COVID-19 Rapid Test
  • BinaxNowCOVID-19 Antigen Self Test
  • QuickVue®´ At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test
  • Ellume COVID-19 Home Test
  • Flowflex™ COVID-19 Antigen Home Test
  • iHealth®´ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test
  • On/Go™ COVID-19 AG At Home Test
  • COVID-19 At Home Test
  1. Mail Order Pharmacy

To order COVID-19 tests through the mail order pharmacy, members need to sign in to MyBlue, then click Express Scripts® under My Medications. From the home page, you’ll need to click Order At-Home COVID Tests.

Visit MyBlue 

Additionally, you can purchase FDA-approved tests through an online retailer like Amazon but would have to file for reimbursement. The coverage would be limited to a reimbursement of up to $12 per test ($24 per two-pack).  

  1. Submit a Reimbursement: Non-Participating Pharmacy or Paid by Checkout Lane

If you purchase at a non-participating pharmacy or pay via the regular checkout lane, you can submit your receipts for reimbursement - up to $12 per test ($24 per two-pack). Save your receipts as they will need to be attached to the claim form. 

Reimbursement Process

If you purchased an at-home COVID test and need to submit it for reimbursement, you will need to file for reimbursement and include a copy of your receipt.  

You have two options to submit your reimbursement request:

  1. Online Claim: 

Sign in to MyBlue, then go to Express Scripts® under My Medications. From there, they need to click Benefits, then Forms, then complete and submit the reimbursement form.

Select the single ingredient option or Covid test kit. It will ask for an RX/NDC number. You can select “Additional test kit information” to find a list of NDC numbers. If the testing NDC number is not listed, you can use the UPC number from the receipt. 

  1. Paper Claim Form

Additional details about at-home COVID-19 testing can be found on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website

If you purchased at-home COVID-19 tests between January 15, 2022 – February 3, 2022, please contact Member Services for instructions on how to submit your reimbursement request. 

For additional COVID-19 information, visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield Coronavirus Resource Center.

COVID-19 Vaccine & Boosters Update

For more information on HUHS Vaccine and Booster Clinics, please visit

Other State Vaccination & Booster Sites

HUHS is not the only source for vaccination or boosters for members of the Harvard community. It is strongly recommended that individuals seek vaccination opportunities from all sources available to them. This may include state vaccination sites, community-based sites, and other healthcare providers. Many of these locations may have a greater vaccine supply than the University does at this time. Visit MassVaxFinder or to find availability in your area. 

Will the vaccine and booster be covered by my Student Health Insurance Plan?

Vaccines and boosters approved for emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be covered at no cost for Student Health Insurance members. The federal government has purchased millions of doses of the vaccine and will provide it for free. Any costs related to the administration of the vaccine will be covered by the plan, with no member cost-share.

When receiving the vaccine at state vaccination sites, community-based sites, retail pharmacies, or other clinical settings, please present your BCBSMA ID number. 

Will the vaccine be covered by my Student Health Fee if done at HUHS?

Yes. Vaccines and boosters administered by HUHS to Student Health Fee members will be covered at no cost.

Are you waiving cost-sharing for any COVID-19 related services?

If you are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you will not be responsible for medically necessary costs related to COVID-19 testing, hospitalizations, or office visit consultations when you seek care from a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO provider or an out-of-network provider. The plan will waive member cost-share (co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles) for medically necessary COVID-19 testing, counseling, vaccines (when available), and treatment and supportive care to alleviate symptoms at doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and emergency departments, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines. This also includes telemedicine services for those members with a COVID-19 diagnosis. Any medically necessary treatment for COVID-19 is covered under a member’s health plan within the United States or internationally.

Note: Blue Cross Blue Shield will not cover COVID-19 testing for travel or work requirements. 

Does the Student Health Insurance Plan cover telemedicine services?

Telemedicine services are normally covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan for urgent care and mental health in three ways:

  1. The in-network provider is contracted with BCBS to offer telemedicine consultations to their patients
  2. The provider offers telemedicine consultations through Well Connection
  3. The provider is out-of-network; however, they use a HIPAA compliant platform to offer telemedicine consultations to their patients
Provider Type Coverage
  • Members can meet with their provider via telephone or telemedicine consults
  • The benefit is open to all specialty types, including urgent care and mental health services
  • The provider must be licensed in the same state where the member is located
  • As of August 1, 2021: copayments will apply for non-COVID-19 related visits
  • Members can meet with their provider via telephone or telemedicine consults
  • The benefit is open to all specialty types, including urgent care and mental health services
  • The provider must be licensed in the same state where the member is located
  • Out-of-network cost-sharing will apply, except for services billed with a COVID-19 diagnosis

COVID-19 Antiviral oral medication coverage

In late December 2021, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s PaxlovidTM and Merck’s Molnupiravir for the treatment of mild-to-moderate coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for certain patients who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19, including hospitalization or death.

Until further notice, the Federal government will purchase and distribute the drugs, which will then adjudicate through your pharmacy coverage when filled at a pharmacy. 

  • Member cost share is $0. 
  • There is a quantity limit for one 5 day course of treatment every 180 days. (Overrides are available to accommodate members who may have a subsequent infection within one year.)

Access to Medication

These therapies are provided to states by the federal government and currently, supply is extremely limited. At this time, members are not limited to filling at pharmacies in the current network and can go to any pharmacy that has the medications available. We recommend that members call ahead to their desired pharmacy to ensure supply.

Does the Student Health Insurance Plan cover the COVID-19 antibody test?

If you are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you will be covered for the COVID-19 antibody test when the following conditions are met:

  • The test is ordered for medical reasons (i.e., you exhibited signs of the illness; however, you had not been tested for the illness)
  • The test is ordered by a network physician
  • The test is performed by a network lab

Consult with your physician to determine if they recommend that you be tested. 

Note: the test will not be covered if it is ordered for administrative reasons (i.e. return to work/school/public health study).

If you are currently out-of-state and the ordering provider is not located in your current state, please contact BCBS at (800) 810-2583 for a list of network labs.

I am enrolled in the Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan, but I am Studying Remotely per the University guidance. Am I able to access in-network providers outside of Massachusetts?

Yes, the plan is a PPO plan, which allows members access to in-network providers throughout the United States.

  • Members can search for in-network medical providers online (Select Blue Card PPO/EPO as your plan’s network) or by calling BCBS at 800-810-2583. Additionally, members may call BCBS at 877-566-2583 for assistance locating in-network mental health providers.  
  • If you are relocating to another country, you may call BCBS Global Core at 800-810-2583 for help locating providers in the area where you will be residing. You will likely be required to pay out-of-pocket for services and file for reimbursement. You must obtain itemized receipts for any care that you receive.   

Familiarize yourself with plan benefits before needing care.

How can I file for reimbursement for medical and prescription services received outside of the United States?

Medical care:

Most countries do not bill international health insurance carriers so you may have to pay out-of-pocket and file for reimbursement; however, there are some hospitals around the world that will work with BCBS Global Core rather than having you pay upfront. Please contact BCBS Global Core at 800-810-2583 or 804-673-1177 (collect from outside of the U.S.) for more information.

If you are required to pay out-of-pocket, follow these steps to apply for reimbursement:

  1. Obtain an itemized receipt from the provider; a copy of your medical records is important if you become hospitalized and/or have surgery.
  2. Complete an International Claim form and send it to BCBS Global Core with your itemized receipts. You do not need to have the documents translated.
  3. Save a copy of the documents for your records.

Prescription medications:

If you purchase a prescription abroad, follow these steps to obtain reimbursement:

  1. Obtain an itemized receipt from the pharmacy; the receipt will need to include detailed information about the medication (see prescription claim form for details).
  2. Submit a prescription claim form to Express-Scripts along with the receipt.
  3. Save a copy of the documents for your records.

You have two years from the date of service to file for reimbursement for medical claims, and one year from the date of purchase to file for prescription claims.

Visit our travel webpage for more detailed information on how the Student Health Insurance Plan works abroad.

What happens if I exceed the twelve-visit limit because I am residing outside of Massachusetts?

If you need more than twelve visits, please consult the Hardship Fund page to see if you qualify for further assistance.

Will I be covered for routine care outside of Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) if I am residing outside of Massachusetts?

Routine or preventive medical exams for members who are age 18 or older are only covered at HUHS clinics when enrolled in the Student Health Fee.

ACA vaccines, such as the flu shot and pneumonia vaccine, will continue to be covered as part of your pharmacy benefits if you receive the services at a participating Rite Aid or Walgreens pharmacy. An immunization at a CVS or CVS Minute Clinic is not covered and you will receive a bill for the service. Age restrictions may apply per CDC guidelines. Note: some pharmacies may charge an administration fee for the vaccine.

What if I need prescriptions?

The Student Health Insurance Plan includes a prescription drug benefit, including a mail order option. Learn more about filling prescriptions.

Where will insurance communications be sent if I am no longer residing on campus?

Most of our communications are sent via email to your Harvard email address; however, Blue Cross Blue Shield uses the local address that you have on file with your school for any mailed communications. Please update your local address online to ensure that you continue to receive any mailed communications.  

Can I access Blue Cross Blue Shield claims information online?

Yes, you may access your claims information online through the MyBlue Mobile App. You will need the following information to complete the registration process:

  • BCBSMA ID Number
  • Harvard ID number
  • A password that is 8 or more characters long
  • Email address

I waived the Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan as I was studying outside of Massachusetts. I am required to return to campus and my waived insurance will not adequately cover me any longer. Can I re-enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan?

A student who experiences a loss of other health insurance can re-enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan within 60 days of their loss of coverage date by following the waiver rescind process.


We recognize the stress you may be feeling as a result of these circumstances. Please contact Member Services by phone at (617) 495-2008 or via email at should you have additional questions.  We’re always glad to help!