Students who submit waivers after the deadline will be charged a late fee (which is determined by the date you submit your waiver and applied to the student account). These fees cannot be appealed, and there are no exceptions to this policy. All waiver eligibility rules apply.

Your plan coverage must be effective at the start of the term in which you are submitting a late waiver:

  • Fall Term coverage must be effective as of August 1
  • Spring Term coverage must be effective as of February 1.

We do not accept waivers after September 30 for the Fall Term, or March 31 for the Spring Term. 

  Fall Term Spring Term
Waiver deadline July 31 January 31
Late waiver deadline September 30 March 31


If you submit your waiver between

Student Health Insurance Plan

Student Health Fee
Fall Term: August 1-31
Spring Term: February 1- 28     


Fall Term: September 1-30
Spring Term: March 1-31