Students who pay the Student Health Fee may receive care at any of the Harvard campus clinics or through HUHS telemedicine appointments, including Urgent Care and:

Allergy & Asthma Nutrition Primary Care
Dermatology Ophthalmology Surgery
Gastroenterology Orthopedics X-Ray/Ultrasound
Mental Health Physical Therapy Telemedicine with HUHS Providers
Neurology Podiatry  


The HUHS services listed below are not covered by the Student Health Fee but are covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan (limitations apply). View the student handbook for benefit details. 

Allergy Serum Laboratory Services (Quest or Others)
Ambulance Transport Obstetrics/Gynecology Services with Onsite OB/GYN Group
Durable Medical Equipment Prescription Medications
Immunizations Routine Eye Exam


The Student Health Fee pays for the entire infrastructure for student services at HUHS. We understand that most people associate HUHS with direct medical and counseling services, but these are only a portion of the responsibilities that HUHS assumes on behalf of the University. Among other services, the Student Health Fee supports the critical public health role that HUHS has played, and will continue to play for the next several months during this pandemic. As the University’s public health authority, significant work is being done by HUHS behind the scenes every day to ensure that the University is healthy and safe for those essential faculty and staff who are providing teaching and research at the University. The Student Health Fee supports the University’s campus public health infrastructure and will continue to facilitate the University’s move towards a safe re-opening for all students in the future. 

Is the student health fee (SHF) insurance?

The SHF is not health insurance. It is a fee that all registered students who are enrolled more than half time are required to pay. This fee covers most services at Harvard University Health Services with no copay, including HUHS telemedicine appointments.

Direct medical and counseling services are only a portion of the services provided by HUHS to all registered students. For example, the services below are offered outside the scope of direct medical services, but funded by the SHF:

  • CAMHS outreach
  • Confidential testing at HUHS
  • Flu clinics for students
  • Immunization compliance
  • Managing and staffing the waiver processes
  • Nutrition outreach
  • Pandemic planning: The SHF supports the University’s public health infrastructure and will help facilitate the University’s move toward a safe re-open for students
  • Patient care coordination
  • Student health promotion activities including educational intervention on alcohol and substance use
  • University-wide public health efforts
  • Wellness workshops

I waived the Student Health Insurance Plan. Can I still receive care at Harvard University Health Services?

Yes, the SHF covers the cost of most services at HUHS and HUHS telemedicine appointments. If you receive care that is not covered under the SHF and you waived the Student Health Insurance Plan, your waived insurance will be responsible for the cost of the services. You can contact Patient Accounts for an estimate at (617) 496-8700 from 8:30am-4:30am (EST), Monday-Friday.

Only a small number of students are eligible to waive the Student Health Fee.

Where to find medical care

Most of your care will take place at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS). HUHS offers routine and preventive care to promote good health, as well as urgent care and some specialty care. 

Scheduling Appointments
You can make an appointment online through the HUHS Patient Portal or by calling your provider’s office directly.

Mental Health
Counseling services are available at HUHS for academic issues; depression; anxiety; stress; sexual, relationship, or eating concerns; grief; and a variety of other concerns.

Disclaimer: All benefits are subject to medical necessity criteria. The benefits description defines the terms and conditions of your coverage, and will govern if questions arise. HUHS services are limited in scope and subject to change. 


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