Students who pay the Student Health Fee may receive care at any of the Harvard campus clinics, including Urgent Care and:

Allergy & Asthma Neurology Primary Care
Dermatology Nutrition Rheumatology
Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) Ophthalmology Surgery
Endocrinology/Diabetology Orthopedics Urology
Gastroenterology Physical Therapy X-Ray/Ultrasound
Mental Health Podiatry  


The HUHS services listed below are not covered by the Student Health Fee but are covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan (limitations apply). View the student handbook for benefit details. 

Allergy serum Obstetrics/Gynecology
Immunizations (restrictions apply) Pharmacy
Laboratory Services (Quest or other facilities) Routine Eye Exams


Is the Student health fee insurance?


The Student Health Fee is not health insurance. It is a fee that all registered students who are enrolled more than half time are required to pay. This fee covers most services at Harvard University Health Services with no copay.

I waived the Student Health Insurance Plan. Can I still receive care at Harvard University Health Services?

Yes, the Student Health Fee covers the cost of most services at Harvard University Health Services. If you receive care that is not covered under the Student Health Fee and you waived the Student Health Insurance Plan, your alternative insurance will be billed.

Only a small number of students are eligible to waive the Student Health Fee.

Why do I have to pay this fee?

Harvard University policy requires that all registered students pay the Student Health Fee. This allows students the appropriate access to medical care on campus if/when they should need it. Similar to library, museum, and athletic facility fees, this required fee enables Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) to provide high quality, accessible health care to the entire student population.

While you may choose not to obtain medical or mental health care at HUHS, our services extend beyond direct patient care. We encourage you to take advantage of our other services, such as support groups, health education programs, and other outreach initiatives during your time at Harvard.

We are unable to accept appeals to waive this fee. A very limited number of students who meet certain criteria are eligible to waive the Student Health Fee. Having other health insurance coverage is not a qualifying reason to waive the Student Health Fee, but it may allow you to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. To waive the Student Health Fee, you must be:

  • A Traveling Scholar/Study Abroad Student studying outside the country; or
  • Enrolled half-time or less (you must also waive the Student Health Insurance Plan); or
  • A non-resident student who resides outside of Massachusetts, and has no activities on campus for the entire term. Students who live out of state but attend class on campus do not qualify to waive.

Where to find medical care

Most of your care will take place at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS). HUHS offers routine and preventive care to promote good health, as well as urgent care and some specialty care. 

Scheduling Appointments
You can make an appointments online through the HUHS Patient Portal or by calling your provider’s office directly.

Mental Health
Counseling services are available at HUHS for academic issues; depression; anxiety; stress; sexual, relationship, or eating concerns; grief; and a variety of other concerns.

Disclaimer: All benefits are subject to medical necessity criteria. The benefits description defines the terms and conditions of your coverage, and will govern if questions arise. HUHS services are limited in scope and subject to change. 


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