Eligible Dependents

Dependents are eligible to enroll when the Post-Doc affiliate is covered by both the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan.  

  • Spouse
  • Qualified same-sex partnership
  • Dependent children
    • Married and unmarried dependent children under age 26
    • The child under age 26 is not required to live with the subscriber or the spouse/qualified same-sex domestic partner
    • The child under age 26 is not required to be a dependent on the subscriber’s/ qualified same-sex domestic partner’s tax return
    • If the dependent child is married, the dependent child and his or her children can enroll for coverage under the enrolled student’s membership

Open Enrollment

Affiliates and their dependents must enroll each academic year; it is not automatic. Coverage is available in six month fixed terms (August 1-January 31 and February 1-July 31) or for the entire academic year (August 1-July 31). You must enroll by the deadlines or pay a late fee.


  • August 31 for the fall term
  • February 28 for the spring term


Member services must receive the paper enrollment form, required documents, and payment by August 31 for the fall term, or February 28 for the spring term. Your enrollment application can be mailed, emailed, faxed, or dropped off to:

Member Services
75 Mt. Auburn Street, First Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138
Fax: 617‐496‐6125
Email: mservices@huhs.harvard.edu

Life Changing Events

You may add dependents to your plan within 45 days of a life changing event during the year (or late fees apply). After your dependent is enrolled on your plan, the coverage and cost are pro-rated to the day of the event. You must submit documentation confirming one of these events to Member Services:

  • Start of a new appointment with the University
  • Entry into the country
  • Other health insurance coverage ending
  • Marriage or qualified same‐sex partnership
  • Birth of a child,* legal adoption, or legal guardianship

*When enrolling a newborn, we recommend the effective date of coverage should be the child's date of birth to avoid costly medical bills. This plan does not cover services rendered prior to the beginning date of the health insurance coverage.

Required Documents for Dependents

We require documentation for each family member enrolled in the post‐doc’s plan. Documents must be in English and submitted with the enrollment application.  Documentation is required only for initial enrollment, and is not necessary when you renew dependents for subsequent terms.

  • Spouse: valid marriage certificate or I20 form for international students
  • Qualified same‐sex partner: copy of municipal registration of domestic partnership (can be obtained in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge)
  • Dependent children: birth certificate or statement of birth from hospital (for newborns), legal documentation of adoption or guardianship, or DS‐2019 form for international students


Rates and Payment

Affiliates and their dependents must purchase both the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Affiliate Rates  One Term
(Fall or Spring)
Two Terms
(Full Plan Year)
Affiliate $4,171  $8,342
1st dependent* $5,235 $10,470
2nd dependent** $4,183  $8,366
2 or more dependents* $9,418 $18,836
Affiliate + 1 dependent $9,406  $18,812
Affiliate + 2 or more $13,589  $27,178

*Affiliate excluded from rates
**Affiliate and 1st dependent excluded from rates



We accept the following forms of payment :

  • Check (personal or bank; made payable to Harvard University)
  • Money order
  • Department web voucher (department administrators, please refer to the complete instructions)

Payment must be received within 30 days of submitting the enrollment application, or the application is not processed. Coverage is not added until payment is received.

Late Fees and Cancellation Policy

Enrolling affiliates and their dependents is possible for those who miss either the open enrollment period or the period to enroll with a life changing event, but restrictions and late fees apply.

  • The late fees are applied for each month following the enrollment deadline. These fees are in addition to the full premium, and the increase is effective on the first of each month.

Per each late month:





1st Child


2nd Child



  • Coverage is effective as of the date Member Services receives the completed enrollment form.
  • HUSHP does not pay claims prior to the coverage effective date.
  • All other enrollment rules still apply.


The fall enrollment deadline for affiliates is August 31. On October 3, an affiliate realizes that he forgot to enroll himself in HUSHP and then submits an enrollment form to Member Services. The affiliate is charged a prorated premium, and a $400 penalty fee ($200 for September, and $200 for October). Claims prior to October 3 will not be paid by HUSHP, therefore these claims are the responsibility of the affiliate.

Cancellation Policy

An affiliate may request a cancellation and refund of future term(s) of health insurance. Refunds are available for future terms of health insurance only; refunds are not available after a term begins (fall start date August 1; spring start date February 1).

65+ years of age

Are you or a dependent at least 65 years of age or about to turn 65?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts requires all members who are at least 65 years of age (or approaching age 65) to complete a Medicare certification form and return it to HUSHP Member Services. Failure to submit this form results in a hold on your insurance coverage, and your claims are not paid.

The Medicare certification form must be provided to HUSHP Member Services, and can be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off to:

HUSHP Member Services
75 Mt. Auburn Street, First Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138
Fax: (617) 496-6125
Email: mservices@huhs.harvard.edu

Department Administrators

Enroll an eligible Post-Doc Affiliate in the Harvard University Student Health Program by selecting the category below which best describes the affiliate. Visit the Harvard University Financial Services website if you have questions regarding the affiliate’s tax status, or call (617) 495-8500 (option 5).

United States Tax Resident for Tax Purposes

Non-resident Alien (Foreign National) for Tax Purposes