Tax Forms

Expect to receive an Internal Revenue Service 1095-B form in the mail.

The Affordable Care Act requires the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP) to provide membership information for the calendar year to the Internal Revenue Service.

Members enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts) should expect to receive two forms:

  • 1099-HC

​​​The 1099-HC form is applicable only when filing taxes in Massachusetts. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts mails the 1099-HC form to all subscribers by January 31 of the following year. If you did not receive a 1099-HC form and would like to request a copy, please call Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts at 800-257-8141 or request a form online through Member Central.

  • 1095-B

    The 1095-B form is an Affordable Care Act requirement, and is applicable when filing federal taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. You should expect to receive an Internal Revenue Service1095-B form from our vendor, Thomson Reuters. This form is for your tax records and confirms that you were enrolled in a plan that met minimum essential coverage requirements. 

    You do not need this form to file your Federal taxes.

    Contact HUSHP Member Services if you did not receive a 1095-B form. Learn more about the Internal Revenue Service requirements  or view a sample 1095-B Form.

What information do I need to file my taxes?

  • Your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy ID number
  • The Federal ID (FID): 960-000-061
  • The months in which you were insured

International Students

The Harvard University Student Health Program is required to provide all members with a 1095-B form. However, this form may not be applicable to all students, particularly those who do not file taxes in the United States with the Internal Revenue Service. Additionally, please be aware that if your 1095-B includes a SSN, and you do not have a federally issued SSN, this is because Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts had to create a pseudo (fake) SSN for you to be enrolled in their system. This does not mean that you have been issued a SSN by the government. Please consult a tax advisor if you have questions.

Students without a Social Security Number (SSN)

Please be aware that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts created a numeric code to enroll you in health insurance. That numeric code is displayed on your 1095-B form, and IS NOT a SSN issued by the United States government. Please consult a tax adviser if you have questions.